Exalting People Professionals: Explore, Expand and Excel

A people professional, also called as a Human Resource (HR) professional can be viewed as a senior person engaged in Human Resources activities as an occupation. In other words, a manager with experience and qualifications, handling the responsibilities associated with the HR function of an organization. We often here the rhetoric that every manager is an HR manager. There is a truth in it in the sense that every manager has a people management role to play. Yet, the reality is that a manager coming from a specific functional background might not have the required capability to handle all the specific people management aspects. Moreover, there has to be a consistent approach with a clear policy framework. The point here is that, when every manager plays a “people role”, the people professional’s role is becoming increasingly strategic. He/she has to act like an internal coach, guide, policy setter and an architect of strategy. They increasingly come to the forefront in adding value to their respective organizations. That’s why we need to encourage, energize and enthuse people professionals enormously. Hence, we have aptly selected the term Exalting People Professionals.

  • Explore: In an increasingly changing world which is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA), people professionals need to explore the enterprise they work for and the environment beyond, locally, regionally and globally. They need to become “glocal” with global reach and local touch. Digitalization, disruption, diversity and diligence will be the four dimensions deliberated in offering much depth and breadth. WHRC 2020 invites people professionals to participate in prolific proceedings towards exploration.
  • Expand: In a VUCA world, people professionals have to learn, unlearn and relearn with regards to their knowledge, skills and attitudes. Competency enhancement should be a key strategic priority for them. In turn, they can design and develop meaningful learning systems for their respective organizations. WHRC2020 invites people professionals to engage in a cutting-edge learning endavour towards expansion.
  • Excel: Excellence is exceeding expectations with continuous improvement in mind. People professionals need to inculcate excellence as essence. It is not just managing a team but to inspire and influence them towards higher performance individually and interactively. WHRC2020 invites people professionals to experience the essentials required to collectively move towards excellence.