רישום לישראלים


רישום במקום

רישום ותשלום


רישום ותשלום עד


דמי רישום -כולל מע”מ

650 ש”ח
595 ש”ח ש”ח 495 השתתפות
550 ש”ח495 ש”ח250 ש”ח מתמחים/סטודנטים*

מותנה בהצגת תעודה*

ביטול השתתפות – מדיניות הביטול מבוססת על קבלת הודעה כתובה מראש, בהתאם לתנאי הביטול
   ביטול שהתקבל עד ליום 31.12.18 – החזר כספי מלא בניכוי 50₪ דמי טיפול
 ביטול שהתקבל החל מיום 1.2.20 ועד ל 20.4.20 – החזר כספי של 50% בניכוי 50₪ דמי טיפול
ביטול שהתקבל החל מיום 21.4.20 ואילך – לא יהיה כל החזר כספי

:למידע נוסף ניתן ליצור קשר עם מחלקת הרישום
 Paragon Group (דן כ. כנסים ותערוכות 1999 בע”מ)
נאוה אלפנדרי לוי – טלפקס: 03-5767712 :דוא”ל


**In order to benefit from the special fee, a submission of your status confirmation (approval letter signed by the Head of Department or copy of your status ID) must be uploaded during the online registration.

We are Happy to offer special packages for group registration
For Group Registration, please contact:

A special group registration form will be sent by the registration department with cancellation and payment policy

Bank Transfer Details Please indicate the payment is intended for WFMPA2020

We accept bank transfers until 1st July 2020

Bank charges (send and receipt of the money) are the responsibility of the customer and should be paid at source in addition to the registration fees.

Payment via bank transfer is subject to receipt of confirmation from the bank.

If payment is made for more than one person or by companies please make sure all names and reason (registration and/or accommodation) are indicated and send fully completed registration forms together with a copy of the bank transfer

Registration Cancellation Policy:

Refund of Registration Fees will be made as follows:

Up to 60 days prior to arrival-full refund less 4%

Up to 30 days prior to arrival-cancellation charge of 50 USD

Less than 30 days prior to arrival-no refunds



Until April 06th, 2020


From April 7th- Until June 30th


From July 1st
Locals- (Sri Lanka)
LKR 32,760LKR 36,400LKR 45,500
*Asia Pacific
(other than Sri Lanka)
All other countriesUS$900US$1000US$1050
**Students fee


LKR 21,840 (from Sri Lanka)


LKR 27,300

(from Sri Lanka)


LKR 36,400

(from Sri Lan