Dr. Olivier Gerbault is a board-certified plastic surgeon in Paris, France, and is focused on rhinoplasty since 2000.
He has conceptualized ultrasonic rhinoplasty since 2013 by designing a set of piezoelectric instruments (PEI) for rhinoplasty, describing the full open approach in rhinoplasty, and developing new concepts and techniques in bony vault reshaping (new types of osteotomies, controlled ostectomy called rhino sculpture…) He has also developed other use of PEI in rhinoplasty, such as ultrasonic septoplasty or piezo rib graft harvesting He finally developed those last 2 years long PEI for closed ultrasonic rhinoplasty and for ultrasonic septoplasty and dorsal preservation techniques.
He is now working on the use of ligaments for aesthetic and functional rhinoplasty.
Dr. Olivier Gerbault is a member of the Rhinoplasty Society and of the Rhinoplasty of Europe, but also of the ASAPS, ASPS, ISAPS, EAFPS and French societies of aesthetic and plastic surgery.
He has co-founded with few other surgeons the International Rhinoplasty Research Society (IRRS).